Friday, September 18, 2009

ok...NOW i am back.

sorry for the LOOOOONG delay. been an insane and crazy year.

been getting serviced by a old slut of mine. very hot big girl with a smoking hot throat, ass and pussy. jsut wants to gag on my dick and have me fuck her senseless all day.

well, she sent me a vid of her blowing a HUNG dude and it just made me hard.

so...and here is where my posts should start back up...

this coming week a dude i have been talking too is inviting us over for a lunch fuck session. cute, tattooed guy with a big, thick cock. he allso happens to be bi and so will have them both work over my cock...and then go from there. been experimenting myself a bit lately...and have found that i don't mind a big, hot cock to play with every once in a while could get really hat and nasty.

will let you all know. good to be back and good luck with the calendar fellow nyc-sex-bloggers.,

Monday, October 30, 2006


and DAMN...i am horned up and looking for some sluts.

have been working TOO damn hard all summer, have had No fun. well, some.

so who wants to help get me back on track?

Friday, June 23, 2006

Just a update on another thing

Got my last fertility test results last Friday.

it is official, I'm sterile.

kind of fucking me up a bit. But not as much as I thought it would.

anyways, just wanted to let everyone know.


Since I was drugged, mugged and left on the st for a night. I got a full run of std & hiv tests done.

on that aspect, I am clean as a whistle. So that is good too.

I guess I wanted to put that out there for all you cum guzzlers out there. Got some clean, no sperm cum here!

(that was a joke first!...even though i am clean...hee hee)

A Question About Bukkake...And more.

A IM friend of mine, well IM through CL, put up a post on CL>CE the other day asking about peoples' idea of how a bukkake works. One at a time, all at once, whenever they are ready...Those kind of questions.

I told her I would post my answer here. Plus, I figure you all won't be able to resist.

Well to me a bukkake is where all the guys just blow their loads all over her/him/both. One at a time, a few, it usually is just the person there and when the guy is ready, they step up and let loose. BUT, the person kneels there until EVERYONE has blown their load. The end result is a person covered in cum.

Not really my cup of tea. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE to blow a load all over a woman's face, in her mouth, her tits, her ass, stomach...Yeah, pretty much anywhere.

I gotta say though, the same goes for me. I LOVE it when a woman cums in my face. My long tongue buried in her, then I feel that pussy clench, the build up from deep within, then a gush of cum, fuck.

Ok, shit...I want a bukkake party of my own. Can you picture around 10...Or more women. Squirting, gushing, cumming all over me.

My face as I eat them out.

My arm...Stomach...The floor as I deep 3 or 4 finger fuck them as they are bent over.

My cock as I fuck them...Tap that g-spot and damn.

So., who in NYC wants to have a female bukkake party?

Why not? Hmmmm?

Ok, seriously. If ANY women, couples, groups want to do this. You e-mail me or just post a comment. If you have read any of my stuff you have read about my skills. If not, do.

So, I want to know anyone and everyone's bukkake etiquette thoughts.

And if any of you squirter - gusher - sopping wet women want to have a go. You know what to do.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Late night

Am sitting here.

spent most of the night partying and fucking my steady fuck friend.

now I am sitting here wanting to write about something, but not sure what.

I want to tell secrets.


#01: my brother was in the first desert storm. I had just dropped out of college. His wife, pregnant (3 months) with their first. He asked me to move in while he was gone, so she wouldn't be alone.

she and I co-existed for a few months. Then we started hanging out and talking.

one night she was feeling lonely and asked me if she could lay on the couch with me...

within minutes I am hard and she is moving her ass against me (my brother had told me how she loves anal). We end up making out on the couch, going back to my room and fucking...

the next day she rushes off to church.

that night she comes into my room, wearing a red, see-through shirt...And asks me to come into her room.

I spent that night deep in her ass.

#02: I was the best man at a old friend's wedding.

his soon to be wife and I started fucking each other about 6 months after they got engaged.

we broke it off...Then the wedding.

about 20 minutes to the ceremony I was told she wanted to talk to me before the ceremony.

I went to the 3rd floor...She was there in her wedding dress...She motions for me to follow her into the bathroom.

I end up fucking her in her ass...cumming deep.

she told me later that when she was saying her vows, she felt my cum start to run out...And it made her wet.


those are my 2 dirtiest secrets.

just thought I'd share.

and I know...I am a slut.

I will probably write more tonight...Have a new 20 year old I just started to train...Sexy, tiny little skater girl. Junior in college. A fan of my blog and contacted me asking if I would introduce her to my world.

so more coming.

I have also been thinking about big, porn-star cocks...

Monday, April 17, 2006

takin a chill pill

for a while.

i am takin a siesta to figure some things out.

should be back.


Friday, March 24, 2006

NYC Perverts' Saloon

Check it out...what a HOT HOT HOT ad for this. DAMN, I wonder what creative, dirty, slutty person did this?

Hee hee.

I might see you all there...but I love the Anon part of this so i can't give it up yet. But i could be in the audience, am going to play it by ear.

But everyone in NYC should check it out. This is a GREAT group of people...glad to be a part of it.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Been sick the past week & bad.

but good stuff coming.

Friday, February 24, 2006


ok...this is the first time i have ever done this.

but got a sweet, sweet comment on my last post.

was called a "fucking slut" it.

and go to their blog and see some shots and hot stories of a smokin hot couple...well lady.

so, i HAVE to encourage you to go there. i hope you don't mind guys...but you are too hot not to.


and my BAD...have to add Sexy UK about hot.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Fan of my Blog

Got a sweet little note in my e-mail about my last post from a fan today.

It said:

"Thanks J, you are tempting!"

My reply was:

"tempting eh?

tell me how...

tell me what you would do with me.

or what you would want me to do to you.


Her reply was:


You've got me doing something for the first time. Proud? Since it's been awhile since I've had any decent sex, neve rmind great sex, it has to be about what I would do to you, I really miss a nice-sized cock.

Can you lie still or do you need me to restrain you? Somehow I get the feeling that you need to be tied. Do you mind? I promise I'll be good to you.

Much better.

Let me start by kissing you softly, I want to lick your lips then delve into your mouth to taste you. I nibble on your jaw and play with your earlobes until you moan for me.

I slowly work my way down to your chest. I really want to play with your nipples. Do you mind if I bite them, just a little? I love that. You can't take much, as you start to thrust your hips up to meet me. I know what you want, but patience is the key here. Awards go out for good behavior.

I continue to lick, suck and kiss your body, not leaving one inch of your skin untouched. Up your legs I go to your inner thighs where the prize awaits me.

I'd love to lick you like a popsicle, but as you can see, I'm pretty greedy, so I take you into my mouth in one big gulp. You are so huge. You have me gagging, I know you love that, and I suck you until you can't take anymore.

You're pulling at your restraints, trying to break free, but I won't have any of that. While I'm sucking your huge cock, my hands are playing with your balls and your ass, rubbing you anywhere my hands can reach.

You shoot your load into my mouth and I gladly swallow it all. Yum!

-Thanks for letting me play with you!"

My response to that one was:


then you would LOVE mine.

almost 8" long, gets so thick, especially when being gagged on.

love watching a sexy, slut like you take it deep and make herself gag for me.

and I am so glad you sent me this.

am sitting here at my desk, stroking, teasing my hard cock through my jeans.

and of course after you took my load I would have to slap you in the face for your reward.


tell me more baby.

tell me what you want to give to me.

also tell me if you care if I blog this...Cause this is hot.


her reply was:

"Thanks for the visual of you at your desk. Would definitely love to see that! I absolutely would LOVE your cock. I'm sitting at my desk soaking wet. Fair's fair!

You should know that I'm really shy, and don't consider myself a "slut." Not sure how I feel about the slapping, have to ponder that one. But, you can talk dirty to me all you want, that really makes me wet and wild.

You want to blog it, eh? How about doing it "anonymously?" Baby steps and all....

You want more and I want to give it to you -

I can't believe you're still rock hard after shooting your cum into my
throat. But you are, and I want to ride you. Right Now.

We kiss passionately as I climb on top of you. I maneuver myself over your cock and slide you in with a wiggle of my hips. Damn but you feel good. I just want to grind myself on your shaft for a minute or two to appreciate the feeling of you deep inside me.

You're done being teased and you twitch inside of me and it sets me off. I begin to rock my hips back and forth, faster and faster. You suck on my nipples and grab my ass hard. My nipples are huge, so there's a lot to grab a hold of!

Your cock hits my clit every time I rock forward and it doesn't take long for me to reach an orgasm. I scream out in ecstasy.

You flip me over and take me from behind, ramming your cock into my cunt. Slamming into me again and again, your balls slapping against my ass, until you hoarsely cry out and fill me once again with your juice.


You know I'll be thinking of you tonight when I'm playing with my vibrator, right?

my reply was:

"oooooh baby.

that one gave me shivers.

and no worries, I would not say who it was...Just say it was a fan of my blog.

these are getting hot baby.

and to know how wet you me a favor.

slide your hand down and slip a finger, ALL the way in. get it nice and wet.

pull it out and taste it for me. slide that finger down your throat.

tell me how you taste.

I am sweet by the way...lot's of pre-cum.


her response was:

"I'm so turned on right now baby that I didn't even hesitate to do as you requested so sweetly. Unfortunately, adjectives for taste are escaping me. I guess I'll have to taste myself some more tonight and report back into you later. If only I had someone who could help me out with that immediately.

Not surprised that you taste sweet though. Man, do I want your cock right now!

**HUGE sigh**"

I have NEVER spoken to or met this woman before.

DAMN, I just thought it was hot as shit and wanted to share.

keep on comin fans...ha

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thoughts of our twilight delight and what it may bring...

“I was on the bus this afternoon on my way home and stared out the window with a devilish smile thinking, "I'm getting laid tonight." I was watching the people on the street and loved having this secret. I felt so dirty and that felt good.

As excited as I am about your arrival and what's to come, as I said to you before, I am feeling a bit nervous. I'm not sure about what. Nobody knows and even if they did, who gives a fuck what they think. Maybe I'm just hoping you won't be disappointed. Yes I am confident and know I am hot and sexy and a great lover, but you know, there is always that wonder...chemistry is a very elusive thing... Damn I wish I got that pedicure this weekend and will he mind that I'm in between waxings?

This isn't the first time I've done something like this...but God, it feels like the first time but I know it won't be the last.

My mind is a-swirl with thoughts of what tonight will be like I am so looking forward to giving myself to you. My last fuck wasn't really worth sharing and I know that you will bring me to heights I may have never reached before.

I envision greeting you at the door and we smile at one another. I see you kissing me without saying a word. You take hold of me in the foyer and our mouths explore one another as I melt in your arms. You're so strong and I immediately feel safe with you. I walk you in. Pussy checks you out and scampers away as she always does when newcomers come a callin'.

I offer you a drink and we bypass the chit chat. We're each so fired up from our IM's and we can hardly wait to tear off each other’s clothing. You get to undress each other for the first time only once, but hell, why wait. We explore each other’s bodies with our hands and we can feel the heat rising around us. You slide your hand past the waistband of my shorts and feel the delicate lace of my undergarment. My pussy is already wet with desire for you...I don't think I ever dried out from this morning/afternoon. Your cock is hard against me and my hand finds you and firmly takes hold.

I pull my shirt up and over my head and you are delighted by my choice of bra. I seductively pull off my shorts to display a matching thong. I walk toward you, pull your shirt off and I feel your hairy chest making sure I pay attention to those sensitive nipples of yours. Your hands cup my tits and you are so enamored with their fullness. It's fun just to explore each other.

I cock my head toward my bedroom and I take you by the hand and you follow me in... The lights are dim...I want us to be able to see each other...fucking in the dark isn't any fun, is it.

Oh phone's must be you...I better end this...

What happens next remains to be seen. I know at this point that it is going to be a wild ride and I'm thrilled to be riding shotgun. And boy, can I hardly wait for you to fill me up. And I can't wait to experience the pleasure that you're going to bring me.

It will be such a pleasure to make your acquaintance. :-)

- Your ho”

There is the e-mail that waited for me when I got home later on last night.

Here is what happened:

I call as I get out of the subway.

“”Hey baby, am a few blocks away. See you soon.”

“I am waiting for you.” She whispered...heavy lust filling her voice.

Made my cock jump in anticipation, as well as, made me start to walk a bit faster.

The elevator opens and I hear this voice.

“On the left.”

I turn to my left and see this beautiful woman, with a stunning smile waiting for me in her open door. I break into a HUGE smile and walk up to her and we hug and kiss.

Since it is SO freaking cold here the last few days, i am wearing the full winter outfit. We walk into the doorway of her apartment. She shuts the door.

She is standing there...dressed in some sweat shorts and a cute tie-dyed tank. Long, super curly, thick hair. 5’7”, and from what I can see so far...smoking HOT body.

Of course I pull her to me and we just start kissing. Heavy, hot, exploring kisses. My hands instinctually go to her is PERFECT. Round, firm, she pulls herself into my body when I grab her cheeks and pull her in.

This goes on for about 5 minutes, unfortunately I have to go to the bathroom. We break it off; I am wondering if the lust in my eyes shows as much as it does in her’s.

“Would you like a drink?”

“Water would be great, thanks.”

I go to the bathroom, wait the time it takes for my raging hard-on to go down enough to pee. To be honest though, I couldn’t wait. Just told myself that I didn’t need to pee that badly...and I didn’t. I wash my hands and walk into the living room.

She is sitting on the couch and points somewhere and tells me something. Probably about my water. But I immediately go up to her, she stands and we slam into each other, SO hungry.

Making out. Hard-core, crotches grinding against each other. Hands roaming, feeling every curve of each other’s bodies. My hands squeezing, kneading her sweet ass cheeks, her grinding on my cock getting harder and harder...making my cock pump precum all over my leg.

Her shirt comes up and over and there are the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen. Yeah ho, you are right to love your “rack”. Amazing.

Perfect, perky, just the right size with amazing long nipples that love to be chewed, bit, rolled in my teeth. They are packed into a sexy, black lace bra; the tops of her breasts are bulging out the top, her sweet, pink nipples trying to poke through the lace.

My shirt comes off.

“Not that hairy” she murmurs as she looks at me as she slides down to run her tongue over my nipples, sending an electric shock through my body. Making me grunt a bit...

"mother fuckaaaaaaaa"

Then we just make out for a while, standing in her living room, clothes slowly pealing off. skin touching for the first time, that heat and electricity when your mouths are together, tongues probing, teasing, exploring each other. Cliimbing on each other to get closer and tighter and feel everything.

At one point I am teasing and chewing her nipples through her bra. Teasing her sweet, soaking wet pussy through her panties, up through the leg of her shorts. She props her leg up on her couch and I explore that pussy. 2 fingers just smearing her lips, spreading her juice all over that tight little hole. My fingers exploring and teasing her ass. She groans when I tease her asshole, lucky for me (and her) she was smart enough to tell me how much she is into assplay.

The making out is insane. Our mouths just hungry, our bodies grinding and squeezing. Breathing so hard, hands roaming, clothes slowly shedding.

My pants end up around my knees, her hands, stroking and squeezing and pulling my big cock through my underwear. Kissing, her watching and looking at my cock through my underwear. And finally she looks at me, gives me a hot Gene Simmons style tongue flick and starts her way down.

Her tongue my nipples, I can’t help but moan out loud. She smiles up at me as she starts to nibble her way down. She squats down and then pulls my underwear down. Her eyes glint when she sees my cock. i am HARD, my underwear had a big wet spot from all teh precum oozing out. my cock pops out and almost slaps her in the face.


You gotta LOVE it when a woman goes "mmmmmm" when she sees your cock.

Without a hesitation she takes me deep. Tries to get me to go deeper. Then pulls almost out and starts to fuck her throat on my cock. My hands grab hunks of her hair and pull it away from her face so I can watch her.

She is intent and focused on my cock. Pulling it out of her throat long enough to look at it, stroke it, smear more of her spit on it, rub it all over her face to feel it. Then back down her throat for more pleasure.

I am ROCK hard and need to taste her.

I grab her by her throat, and pull her off of my cock. Put my hands under her arms and lift her up into the air and to me.

She wraps her legs around my legs and we crush. Just a mash of our bodies, our mouths entwined as well as our bodies.

And we make out that way. Till finally I have to have her.

“I NEED to taste you now. “

“Fuck yes” she purrs (yes, a little homage to Pussy). “Where?”

“Bedroom...I need to spread you out to REALLY explore that body.”

She smiles at me as she walks away, only wearing her sexy, black lace thong. Her perfect, yeah perfect ass, beckoning me into the bedroom.

I step out of my pants, drop the socks and let my cock lead the way.

I watch her as she slips out of her soaked panties and she lies down on the bed.

I cannot wait for long. Within minutes she is on all fours. Her ass and pussy up in the air for me and my face is literally buried in her sopping wet cunt. And of course, her ass ended up being the focal point of my tongue and fingers.

So I started teasing her sweet asshole...lapping at it like a delicate flower. Teasing the opening with the tip of my tongue. Sharing the hole with my finger, slightly opening her up so I can slide my tongue deep.

Once my 3.5” tongue was buried in her ass she started moaning. Guttural grunts.

“Fuck yeah j, oooooh, fuck yeah baby. That good.”

And so I move harder. I grab hold of her sweet asscheeks and spread them so I can get an open hole to pound. I slip in the tip of my tongue, slip in the tip of my finger as i slide my tongue out. Deeper the next time, then deeper still. Watching that sweet hole open each time, a bit bigger each time my tongue and finger leave that hole.

After a good 10 minutes of me just fucking her ass with my tongue and fingering her pussy. She is almost all the way off of the bed...her head is resting against the floor as I use her ass with my tongue.

I pull her up and tell her that I NEED to have that throat. She smiles as she starts to work on my nipples.

Then dives for my cock, slowly looking at it, stroking it with her hands...taking it deep in her throat. I grab her head and work my cock deep to get that gag. And I do, a tiny one, but my cock knows it and gets harder.

“I need to eat that pussy some more baby, come up here”

She smiles as she comes up...facing away from my cock she slides onto my tongue...and starts cumming all over my face within minutes.

I have to feel that fingers know it well, my tongue even more I need to fill her and give her more of the pleasure i promised. Give her my cock.

She pulls out a box by her bed, opens it up and I see it is FULL of toys.

“Mmmm, going to have to play with those sometime soon.”

“GOD yes, she murmurs” as she slips the condom on my rock hard cock.

“Ride me baby”

This lithe, amazing body slides over me. She looks at me with pure lust in her eyes, making me even harder. She straddles me, raises her eyebrows and gives me a dirty, slutty smirk. Grabs hold of my cock and slides on.

“Sit on it baby. Feel it fill you up.”

She closes her eyes and sits back on it. Her face jumps a little as I feel my head slide across her g-spot. AThen she lets my cock fill her up. She sits up and back, leans her head back and closes her eyes. That is the hottest vision ever. Her flat stomach, little shivers rippling up from her pussy as she moves her hips slowly feeling my cock slide across her g-spot. Feeling my perfect cock and KNOWING all the pleasure it is going to give her.

Then the tempo picks up. She needs to be fucked and is not shy about letting me know. So we start to fuck. She is sweating, pumping my cock as fast and as deep as she can. I bring my knees up and push against her with just my hips. My pubic bone grinding against her clit and my cock is popping her g-spot every time she takes it deep.

Then it is just a blur of our bodies together and our hips pumping. She sits back up and I wrap both hands around her throat and rise up to meet her pumps as hard and as fast as she is moving. She starts to cum again...slowly building, jumpy, breathing so heavy, her skin flushing with heat...just getting fucked. I let go and we both cum together.

No idea what sounds were made or anything like that. Just was a blast of pure pleasure. Then a crash and we breathe heavily into each other’s ears.

“God you make me sweat.” Was all she whispered.

We lay there for a little while, her on top of me just kissing and letting our sweaty bodies smear into each other.

The rest period lasted all of about 10 minutes. It is difficult to not get hard with my hands roaming all over this sexy body as well as her kisses and hands sending bolts to my cock and balls.

"you are so fucking hot." I tell her.

She smiles such a genuine smile, which makes her ever more beautiful, and thanks me. Then kisses me.

And to be completely honest, and in keeping with my NOT just trying to spit out all that happened. Most of the rest of the time was a hot, fuck filled blur. Bits and pieces here and there. I was WAY too into pleasing this woman, even though it is NEVER a bad thing to be too into making your woman cum.

But some of the finer points:

I am a PUSSY/ASS lover. So of course a BIG part of the time I wanted her to know what I will be doing to her with my tongue and fingers.

So she was laying back and so I had to get a taste. So I sit up and go down between her legs...lift them up, pleasantly enough to see that they go all the way up beside her ears and she is so nice to hold them there.

I was burying my tongue in her sopping wet pussy. Teasing her, deep in, barely licking the tip of her g-spot. Slipped my thumb all the way in her ass and she just melted and the groans came a plenty. I worked her clit with my tongue sucking it deep, working it with my tongue as I suck deep.

Then she starts telling me to "suck that dick" talking about her clit. So i sucked her dick good. :)

I then sat back and slide a finger in her pussy. Deep...then another, she pulled her legs apart and watched me as I worked. I then started to just tease and slide my fingers over her g-spot. Swirling my fingers, deep in her pussy...actually feeling her g-spot swell. (The first time I have felt it grow in my hands) and swell till I could literally wrap my fingers around it. And I alternated from teasing to good hard slams, making sure my fingers popped that g-spot.

I just fucked that pussy good, slurping up her clit as often as I could. But focused on working that g-spot. Giving her the pleasure she lusts for.

That and just the fucking I gave this woman. At least 3 times we ended up almost off the bed from fucking so hard.

I had her missionary and was drilling her pussy. My hands and entire body weight pressing down on her windpipe, her face with a look of pure bliss and her pussy pumping juice, watching her cum again and again and again. She cums in a burst of grunts and squeaks and I take that as my chance to slip it in her ass. I slide my head in and she jumps, but smiles.

I take my time and tease her already teased asshole. She wants nothing more but my cock and since she is my new “ho” I take her ass. Slide in the head a bit...pull out and squirt lube all over my cock and her ass...then I smear it around with my head and slip it in a bit.

Pull it out and slide a finger covered in lube in her ass...rubbing her clit with my hard, fat head. Slapping her engorged clit with the rock hard head of my cock. Then slide it deep in her ass. her legs part further, her eyes widen as a content look of fullness comes over her.

I push her legs down and start to work her ass. I can feel her g-spot through her walls as I start to fuck her. Which I do for quite some time. Her ass, besides being one of the hottest ones I have ever seen, as well as, one of the sweetest I have tasted. Is one of the hottest ones I’ve fucked. She loosened up after 2 or 3 deep, hard pumps and spread her legs and gave me her ass. Her face just a wash of bliss and her legs relaxed, spread wide loving every inch of my cock pumping her sweet hole.

Of course we ended up hanging off the bed I basically had to use her tits and torso to hold onto but just kept fucking her.

After pretty much 2 hours of non-stop...yes, non-stop fucking. We were both pretty spent. But of course I had to feel that throat again.

So I told her, "I need to fuck that throat baby"

She looked at me through that haze of "I can't move I have been fucked too good" smiled and started to tease my nipples. she is a quick study and has my nipps down. After about 3 minutes or so i don't feel like waiting. so i grab her head by her hair, look her in the eye and tell her she needs to suck my cock. I smile at her and shove her head down and groan as my cock hits the back of her throat.

The girl can suck cock...

“Give it to me baby,” I hissed.

“Give me that blowjob you are dying to give me. Milk that cock slut. Make it cum for you.”

And she did. Taking it so deep, found that spot that makes her gag and she just sucked my cock like a slut in heat.

But I made her work for it. That throat felt so good I held off till it was obvious she was getting tired. So I grabbed hold of her head and just used her throat. She was drooling all over my cock and stroking me so good that I had to blow (#3 for me).

“Here it comes slut...where do you want it?”

“On my chest”

As she pulls it out of her throat and starts stroking my slick, hard, probably a good 1” longer then normal, for my cum. I grab hold of her tits, cause I was on my back and she was over me and slid my cock between them and squeezed them together as I shot a big load all over her sweet, hot, rack. Her slowly stroking my sopping wet cock and groaning as it fills and shoots.

Ok. Unfortunately that is about all I can write about right now. Have been working on this all day and want to make sure I post it before I see her tonight. Which I am hoping to do.

And no worries.

This girl is dirty and is ready to play with some of my friends.

So I am sure you will all hear, read and hopefully a good amount of you will experience her for yourself. She is ready.

Also look for her comment. She is VERY eager to write them.

More soon.

And VERY good ho, you are going to be a sweet, sweet addition to my stable of sluts.

Is going to be fun.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

THIS Will Make ME Feel Better!

“Hi J

Just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog! I am here in NYC and if you are ever interested in meeting a 37-year-old woman with a strong/fit body a nice rack and brains and sense of humor to boot, let me know. Over the past year I have been having a bit of a sexual reawakening and would love to play if you can fit me into your busy schedule.

BTW, although you're not sure how you feel about your latest test results, I can't imagine that kind of news would make you feel warm and fuzzy. Hang in there and you're still all man to the women of NYC.

Best, ho

PS I'd be happy to send you a picture if you'd like”

This was what greeted me this morning when I got in to work. Had my blood taken this morning for the heredity part of it. So this was a welcome diversion.

Of course me being me, replied thanking her for her thoughts and for the lovely e-mail and of course. I can ALWAYS fit in another friend. And of course I would LOVE to see some pics of her.

She replies telling me that she is doing a gig tomorrow night and wonders if I would like to come to it. She is a sexy woman, toned, 5’7”, shock of hair (perfect to wrap my hands in), great rack, as she says...very hot.

Of course I would.

Then, I notice she has yahoo, so I drop her an IM.

Which turns into a few hours of extremely hot IM’ing. You are good ho.

Oh yeah, she is reading this, since she is a big fan of my blog I told her that I was going to call her “ho” she thanked me for that.

I asked her how hot and wet it made her thinking that people are going to read. In detail, how she looks, tastes, feels and loves to be fucked?

“It actually REALLY turns me on”

“Of course you will have to post comments after I post. To give your side of what happened to you. Of the many wonderful, dirty, hot, nasty things we did.”

“God yes...I will love to.”

I had to go to an appointment for a while and she was only there for a little while longer. I asked her.

“So, when am I going to see you? I have no plans tonight; will be out of here at 6. I would LOVE to come over and fuck you.”

“I would love to fuck you”, she immediately typed back.

“Fuck me.”

She then gave me her address.

I gave her some things to do for me.

I wanted her to wear whatever makes her feel sexy, hot, and nasty...whatever she is feeling. Which gives her confidence...even if it is her naked. God forbid...ha.

I also told her to send me an e-mail.

She is sending it right at 6, when I will be gone.

It is her fantasy of what is about to happen.

I want to read it and see how close it came. How much she let go. How much she went beyond her own fantasies.

Then I will post it along with my account of what happened. she will also post comments on mine.

Very hot.

As you will all see.

SIDENOTE » Thanks for the nice words everyone. REALLY appreciate it.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Basically I got a fertility test done last week (a friend asked if I would be open to helping her conceive). And I am 100% sterile.

I found out yesterday.

REALLY have NO idea how I feel about it.

Doing blood work tomorrow (genetic).

Will have to do another sperm sample & urine sample. To see if the sperm is being pushed into the bladder. (blockage)

An ultrasound of the old prostrate next week. I get to take a fleet enema, I KNOW you are all jealous! (who knows?)

This is a life changing thing for me...So am kind of reeling.

I may post soon.

I may end up ranting and raving about how I feel...All of this.

I will get back to the fucking, of course, cause I'm a slut.

Just may be a little while.

Wish me luck.